Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Dear Diary,

To my delight it was another day of beautiful sunshine!  I started the day at a place called Pop’s Resale (I would link it up but the website … how can I say this nicely, needs attention) on Leestown Road.  I have a few friends that recently introduced me to the vintage / secondhand store scene, so I thought I would give this place a try.  I found it on the internet and it had good reviews.  However its not my favorite.  They had a lot of vinyl records and old vintage stereo equipment.  Perfect for someone who’s into music and all things related (which I’m really not). They also had some clothing which included the following … 

If you need a Hawaiian shirt, I know where you can find one!

I've decided that housewares and décor is where it’s at for me.  So I said goodbye to the peeps at Pop’s (alliteration anyone?) and headed down the street to a place I like to stop in every once in a while.

If you've never been to Feather Your Nest and you like shopping for treasures, you should stop in and look around.  There is tons of stuff neatly organized into booths for your perusing pleasure.  Honey, I could spend hours in this place.  

Okay, this wasn't the "neatest" booth but it shows the variety of stuff in the shop.
They have everything here!

I bought a gift for myself here last Christmas:  a gorgeous crazy quilt that’s in our living room which we constantly arm wrestle over. Thankfully, it’s big enough to share, or I would never get to use it at all.  (Note to self – more bicep curls at the gym.)  

Realizing it was about lunch time, I made a beeline for one of my favorite places to eat salad.  It’s called Vinaigrette and is in the building behind Applebee’s in Meadowthorpe.  I met a friend there and her name starts with an M. She’s one of the many redheads in my life.   She falls off shuttle buses, stays up late washing shoe strings and has been known to pack heat on our vacations together.  Never a dull moment with this woman! 

 On #staycation or not, lunch with a friend is always HIGH on my priority list.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Lee