Thursday, April 2, 2015


Dear Diary,

Today is Thursday. The day of the week when everything I've put off to be on #staycation needed to be accomplished.  However, I'm happy to report that I was able to go out for lunch in Versailles.  Wallace Station is on Old Frankfort Pike about thirty minutes from Lexington depending on where you are in town.

Shortly, after I took this pic with my phone I sprinted in (it was raining) those red doors and promptly knocked an older gentleman in the head with my purse.  Totally by accident!  The parking lot was packed, the space inside is tight, and you know I like to make an entrance.

Frankly, I do or say something completely embarrassing EVERY single day.  -Sigh

After apologizing profusely I sauntered over to the counter and ordered a pimento cheese sandwich on gluten free bread and shuffled to the drink stand to wait with everyone else.   The wait / to-go area is approximately the size of a postage stamp.   Fortunately, people started to leave and I grabbed an open table.  Due to the fact that I took a wrong turn (or two) on my way there I didn't have much time to eat.  So I enjoyed my sandwich, drank my sweet tea and headed for the door.  The back door this time, since I didn't want a repeat of my entrance.  That’s when the real downpour started.  I waited as long as I could and then zipped up my coat and made a run for it!   

This nice middle-aged woman would NEVER intentionally hit someone in the
head with her purse.  Would she?  Though she has been known to walk
into men's restrooms by mistake a few times.

It ended up being a wonderful day.  The drive in Woodford County is gorgeous.  Kentucky in the spring is something to be savored.  The pristine horse farms on the way to Wallace Station are simply spectacular.  I turned by the castle and took Pisgah Pike to Old Frankfort Pike.  This route wound its way through Winstar Farm which consists of 2300 acres of (in my opinion) some of the most beautiful land in the state.  They offer tours and I've decided that needs to be added to my next #staycation “ to do” list.     

What’s my plan for tonight?  I’m binge watching old episodes of Alaskan Bush People

I know, right!


Anna Lee