Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Finale

Dear Diary,

Last night and all day we have had a ton of rain!   My friend Ruth, who lives a few streets over, posted a video of her kids riding in a canoe in their YARD.  It’s crazy!  But, it’s going to take more than flooding and heavy rain to keep me from having an adventure on my last day of #staycation. 

So now the question is what to do?  A day at the spa?  A lavish lunch with friends?  

Then it came to me … a trip to Costco! Oh, yeah!

I was almost blown away by all the savings I found at Costco!

Someone pretty dang special has Fridays off (one uses that term loosely when one is self-employed). So I asked him to join me.  He was more than happy to come along to Costco.  In fact, he loves going to any megastore.  Seriously, he is not allowed to go there unchaperoned.   He tends to overfill the shopping cart and fail to remember we are only a family of three.  Our rule is to do your shopping, fill the cart up to the brim, and then right before you check out go put half the items back.  Otherwise we end up with an empty wallet and way too much stuff with nowhere to put it.   

Though who doesn't need a gallon of minced garlic at a moment’s notice?

Yes - this massive container of minced garlic made the cut at checkout.  I love this man!

… and an enormous bag of frozen blueberries?

This woman seems a little TOO excited about frozen blueberries.  She knew 
they would go really well with garlic. 

Side note, I've been eating gluten free frozen waffles (with ancient grains, Danielle) with blueberries every morning and they are so stinking good!  If you’re looking to mix things up in the breakfast department I really like the Chex gluten free cinnamon oatmeal cereal, too.  I top it off with blueberries and crushed salted almonds.  Sweet and salty, it’s like a party in your mouth.  

So in reflection, I’m counting this #staycation as a TOTAL success!  Especially since it was pretty much a last minute idea, I’m grateful it was so much fun.

Loving Kentucky even more,

Anna Lee