Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Musings

Dear Diary,

I’m old! Today is the first day of my #staycation and I was trying to think of something fun to do today.  You know what sounded fun?  

A stroll down memory lane.

Well, actually it ended up being a road.  The road I grew up on.

We moved to another part of Lexington when I was thirteen (Avery’s current age).   I spent many of my formative years in this house.  Funny how everything seemed smaller than I remembered.  To my surprise I couldn't stop thinking about William.  He’s been dead for fifteen years in August and the grief is still with me.  I ended up surrendering to the sadness and giving myself a moment to cry.  Figuring it would be better if I didn't linger, I decided to head to my next destination.  Seeing some middle-aged woman snap pictures of your house and then sit in her car crying.  CRAZY LADY ALERT! 

On the porch of the house above.  William, Anna Lee & Sarabeth
Carolyn was still a twinkle in Mom's eye

Yes, I'm the one in the middle.  Not that I exhibit ANY middle child traits.  
Did you notice me in the middle?

I continued to drive by a few more childhood haunts and headed to downtown Lexington.  It was mid-afternoon and some coffee sounded good.  I stopped in at Third Street Stuff .  Thankfully there was plenty of parking on the side of the building. Every time I drive by there I want to stop and can’t because I have a commitment.  Well, not today!  I went inside and ordered a vanilla latte.  While I was waiting for my coffee I walked over to the magnetic poetry board and created this piece.

I've been around a long time, and life still has a whole lot of 
surprises for me. –Loretta Lynn

Great atmosphere, interesting staff (interesting being code for lots of piercings and tattoos – not that there is anything wrong with that!) I'll go again soon, next time with Avery.

Tomorrow, I’m headed on a horse farm tour.  So excited! 


Anna Lee

PS – I’m so sad about Zayn leaving One Direction.  Can you believe it?  He says he wants to be a normal 22 year-old guy.  Some people are so selfish.