Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some Tips For Your Holiday Gift Wrapping

Thankfully it's Christmas time!    A perfectly, wonderful time of year for cooking, decorating and wrapping.  As a woman who loves paper (in any shape or form)  the holidays are a time to get creative.  Here are a few ideas to consider when the gifts start piling up and you need to start wrapping.

Look for paper that is somewhat holiday neutral.
When you shop for holiday wrapping, always try to buy paper that can be used both at Christmas and year round.  Buying paper that can go many directions is a great strategy.Think of it as your LBD (little black dress).  Wrap it up and accessorize appropriately.

Holiday tape can add that special something to any package.

You guys know I love washi tape like nobody's business.  So here's another chance to pull out my colorful tape! You can make shapes, letters or designs.

Pass the tape please!

For years we have taped (another chance to use washi tape) money or gift cards to boxed candy.  I was at Target the other day and they had tons of holiday candy.  It makes it easy to wrap and the receiver is opening up more than an envelope. 

Danielle - Don't see your gift.  

Let the wrapping begin!!

Have a great week,

Anna Lee