Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What's Up! ~ and Some Make Up Favs

Happy Tuesday!  Here are some links to the stuff I talk about in the video.

The Lexington Lab Band is a group of talented musicians from the Lexington area.  It was my privilege to help shoot the Billy Squier videos on their site.  The concert I went to last Thursday was AMAZING.  You may want to follow them on Twitter @lex_lab_band

Makeup Geek is my favorite beauty channel on YouTube.  I've been watching her for years and she is not only talented but a great teacher.

MakeupByAlli is another well done channel.  If you have more fair features you will probably appreciate her more.

It Cosmetics makes a gorgeous matte shadow palette that I love.  It's my go to that I use pretty much everyday.  Buy it from Ulta and use your 20% off coupon.

Stila makes a bunch of cream blushes that can be used on both the cheeks and lips.  I've been using these for years.  My first and favorite is the color Lillium.  Go and check them out - when I tested the link it came up a different color.  Be sure to select Lillium so you can see the color better.

E.L.F. Contour brush is a must have for your brush collection.  Next time you are at Target check it out and see what you think.

Anna Lee