Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Because I know you're dying to know ...

Because you tossed and turned all weekend ...

Because you can't wait any longer ...

Here is my fireplace update!! Ta-dah!!!!

To quote my brother-in-law, "It looks SO MUCH BETTER!"  Blush

In attempt to tame the sting of his comment he quickly called the previous look "classic" which is code for dated.  Sigh 

Sadly - I think he's right.

As far as the mirror on the mantle we decided that we would like to go with a darker framer.  So yours truly, will be making a trip to return and pick up a new mirror.  What do you think?

After you've recovered from the shock of the fireplace transformation, watch the video below :)

Here is the link to my church website www.southlandchristian.org and the podcast which you can find here.