Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer's End

If I had to choose a theme or phrase for my summer it would be … expect the unexpected.  I would be lying if I told you that I was sad to see the summer end.  It has been one of the emotionally hardest I can remember.  During these last few months I have personally experienced or someone close to me has … separated from their spouse, received devastating health news, there have been hospital stays (both people and animal) and finally one of my best friends had her first baby out in CO.  We are super excited about the baby, but totally bummed that we couldn’t be there to welcome her into the world. 

We are all experiencing transitions this time of year so I thought I would share with you three strategies I used (some more successfully than others) to navigate my difficult summer. 

Give yourself permission to grieve the transition.  Good or bad change is hard.  Some are more welcome than others.  I remember when Avery started kindergarten.  I was happy that she was moving on to the next stage of life but I was also terribly sad that our time together was now going to be dictated by the school schedule

Avery on her first day of kindergarten. Circa 2007

Hold everyone and everything with an open hand.  This has been my biggest challenge.  Being willing to let people or things go is extremely difficult.  Love does not bind another or demand it’s own way.  The best explanation is a quote by Maya Angelou, “Love liberates.  It doesn’t hold – that’s ego. “.  At every turn, I’ve had to step back and ask myself what would Love do?  Am I saying or doing this from a place of love or fear?  If my answer was fear, I forced myself to stop and reconsider.

Sophie (aka the fur child) was rushed to the animal hospital and spent the night there this summer.

Celebrate small pleasures.  Some days it’s the little things like $3.99 bouquet of sunflowers from Trader Joe’s.  Or maybe your favorite song keeps coming up on your shuffle.  Whatever makes your heart skip a beat – pause and say, “thank you”.  It’s in these quiet moments that we connect with ourselves and others.

$4 never looked so good!

What strategies have you used to get through transitions in your life?  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see ya next Tuesday.

Anna Lee