Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Current Career

I firmly believe that life is about seasons.  My time and resources are spent much differently today than 10 years ago (when Avery was two).  In my current season of life I've begun a career as a professional volunteer.  This began slowly last fall.   I was praying for something that would be a good fit for my schedule/ responsibilities and interests.  Soon after I began this prayer an opportunity arose.

 Imagine that!

I don’t mind telling you I was scared.  Make that terrified.  There was training involved and a system that was something I had never done before with people I didn’t know.  Did I mention this was outside my comfort zone? Anyway, everything turned out great.  Did I mess up? Yes – many times.  After a while, I decided that I need to be more comfortable with making mistakes.  How else was I to learn?

In March this last year one of my best friends asked me to consider volunteering at Radio Eye in addition to my other commitment.  Radio Eye is a reading service for the blind in KY. Here is a link to their website.  Anyway, she had started volunteering there about six months earlier and wondered if I would be interested.   I agreed to go and check it out.  Guess what, I loved it. 

This was an opportunity to read and help other people.   Sign me up!

Photo credit - Avery

Why am I telling you this? 

To challenge you to start thinking about your life as something you are creating.  I don’t know what season of life you are in but sometimes you need to figure out where you need to grow.  Say a prayer and take the leap.  You won’t regret it!

Reading my girl Brene in the above photo

Sending you virtual hugs,

Anna Lee

PS - I'm remembering my brother William today.  He left this earth too soon 14 years ago today.  Here is a post I wrote about it a few years ago.