Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are you considering making some changes?

If not now … when?  

This is a question that I began asking myself regularly a few years ago.  Avery was getting older and becoming more independent and that afforded me time to look at the larger scope of my life (personal and family).  Moving closer to 40 has also intensified my desire to make things happen. 

In my early 30s I took time to evaluate exactly on what I was spending my time and money.  Did my choices reflect who I wanted to be and what I valued?   It was time to start editing and deleting.  We sold our home we built in Lexington and moved to my husband’s childhood hometown.   Our “new” home was $50K less and needed to be updated.  Sigh  

Was I excited about this move? No. 

Did I feel that in the larger scheme of things it was the right decision? Yes.  

We decided to spend our money on traveling and experiences (together as a family) instead of on our home.  Though it was quite an adjustment at first, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  

One of our favorite places to be... out west on a ski lift!

Around the time we moved Avery started elementary school.  We were moving into a new season of family life.  Danny and I began to talk about the direction we wanted to go now that I had more “free” time.  A traditional job was out because I wanted to take Avery to school and be home when she got off the bus.  Being both physically and emotionally available for Avery is one of my top priorities.  We only have this short window of time together (her childhood and adolescence) and I am not going to have any regrets.  With his encouragement I began to pursue my hobbies and work on cultivating an inner life that was positive and affirming.  Being an introvert I loved it!  I also started looking to expand my community of strong women.  I needed love and support that can only be found in other women.  It took a few years but I found them (you know who you are) and I couldn't be happier.  This blog is the result of their encouragement.  Thankfully, my family has benefited from all my “work”.  As a result I am a much better wife, mother, sister and friend.  

Dear Ocean, Why are you so far away?

Avery is starting junior high this fall and we are again moving into a new season of family life.  So my question for you (and me) today is where are we going?  Are we spending our time and money on what we value most?  I’m not suggesting any meaningful, long term change happens quickly.  The above things happened over the last 10 years.  However we need to ask ourselves every day -

If not now … when?

With my whole heart,
Anna Lee