Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tips for Taking Pictures with your Iphone

I've gotten up this morning to snow on the ground!  Its crazy to think that yesterday it was 70 degrees.  That's how thing go in Kentucky I guess.  Here is today's video with some tips for taking pictures with your phone.  Hope you enjoy!

Summary with Links
Clean your lens – seems like a no brainer but something that I don’t do often enough.
Turn on the grid lines feature on your camera.
Go to Settings Photos&Camera – Scroll down to Grid and turn it on.
Use the rule of thirds when composing your pictures.
Here is a link explaining the rule of thirds … http://www.photoble.com/photography-tips-tricks/composition-101-rule-of-thirds-in-photography-with-examples
Tap the screen to focus.
Move your camera to zoom in or out.
Hold your camera with two hands.
Use the burst feature to take multiple pics at a time.
Take tons of pictures.  Why not?
A Beautiful Mess Photo App – you can check out the video demo here
Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you in the next video!