Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Looking Back

19 years ago (today) I married this guy…

You can see why I was totally smitten.

We have navigated many seasons together.  

There have been celebrations … both of us graduating from college, Avery’s birth, opening our practice.

There have been tears … Danny’s needle stick, my brother’s death, crushing disappointments. 

If I could go back to that 19 year old young woman, I would tell her that marrying him is one of the best decision you will ever make.  The next 10 years will be the hardest you have ever known.  Anything worth having requires hard work.  That is what gives it value. I would tell her to be patient and savor these early years, they go by so quickly. 
This is a snapshot taken at our reception    

Finally, I would tell her, even though you can’t imagine it, you will love him more in 19 years than you do on this day.

January 2013
Danny - I would marry you again in a heartbeat.  Ecclesiastes 4:12