Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two Weeks and Counting ...

The weather has been really mild where we live and this girl needs some snow.  Every year we look forward to ski season.  I am trying to hold on because in two weeks we leave to go on vacation with our friends.  This is our fourth year and we are headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Wahoo! 
Last Saturday was Danny’s birthday and I was so excited.  I came up with a great idea, to give him some accessories to go with his gopro camera.  Taking ski videos has always been so much fun on our trips.  He was thrilled.  Though right after he opened his gifts he asked if this was something Kit (his BFF) had suggested.  Should I be offended? 
Here he is ... in all his glory after a brutal ski run at Alta last year! 

As with all families, there is nothing more precious after vacation then the photos and videos.  Danny has started making a book after each trip with the pics.  Here is one of my favorite videos from last year...


Wasn’t that gorgeous?  I will admit I'm partial because Alta is where we fell in love with skiing.  There's something about being out in fresh snow.  What a gift.  Let the count down begin!