Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two of my Trader Joe Favs

I love it when someone shows me a food product they love.  So today I want to introduce you to two of my favorite foods I get at Trader Joe's.  Now, I don't know that these would qualify as the healthiest options but hey, it's the weekend.

Warning: The following items may become addictive. 
God created chocolate because he loves us so much, I just know it.  These morsels were introduced to me by a friend while traveling (thank you Melanie) and I’ve been hooked ever since.  The combination of sweet and salty make me want to scream, “hallelujah!”.  You may need to resist the urge to consume the above by the handful.

This second item is just as delicious and worth your purchase.  Typically, I do not enjoy fruit as part of my dessert but in this circumstance it works …

This was suggested to me by Lisa, my yoga buddy.  Holy Cow!  Bananas and chocolate go together just like peanut butter and chocolate, caramel and chocolate, pretzels and chocolate...  you get the idea.

What are your favorites at Trader Joe's?