Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Promise of a New Year!!!

Can you believe that 2012 is over and gone?  Many are glad to see it go but for our family it was a sweet year.  No particular reason, just the joy of being together with our family and friends. 

Skiing this year in Alta, Utah

Speaking of being together, we spent the day organizing and packing up Christmas.  Not fun.  My house always seems to be so plain when we put away the holiday décor.  We talked about just leaving it out all year but decided to consider doing that next year. Ha!

Ladies and Gentlemen the Future of our Family

When I sat down to write this post I looked back at my New Year post for 2012 to see if I had accomplished any of my goals (You can see the full post here).   One of my goals was to stop putting things off and well, I don’t know if you noticed but I am posting on January 1 and we put our Christmas things away today.  Not too shabby.  Another goal was to take more pictures which I have done judging by the amount of space on my hard drive. Hooray !  Finally I wanted to be more flexible in 2012 and … so far so good.  I’ve been doing Yoga consistently for the last 4 months and I think it’s really helping me.  I’m certainly not even close to being a model student but hey, progress baby! 

Can you believe this woman ate approximately 3lbs of pimento cheese from the Mouse Trap in Landsdowne over the Christmas holiday?  Gasp! (go ahead ... talk amongst yourselves)  It made those forward fold moves in yoga that much more challenging.

Goals for 2013?  I thought you would never ask…
Blog more – Why is this so hard?  I just get caught up in other things and don’t take the time to organize my thoughts, though I take such pleasure in sharing with you guys.  We have a lot of traveling coming up this year and I would love for you to come along.

Take more chances – I am not a fan of risk.  I’ve noticed the older I get the more I crave a good solid routine.  While this can be a good thing, I am finding that I need to push myself more.   Maybe that is why I haven’t blogged a lot.  Kinda scary putting yourself out there.  That may have just been a light bulb moment. 

2012 Repeat - be more flexible – This goes hand in hand with my previous goals.  

So as we jump into 2013 with our hearts wide open remember that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.