Thursday, November 15, 2012

Self-Portrait 2012

Well … it was a rough day at my house.  It started out innocently enough.  Avery wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home from school.  After a trip to the pharmacy she was medicated and on her way to feeling better.  She wasn’t really up for going anywhere so I took the opportunity to work on a project I’ve been putting off, my annual self-portrait.

For the last five years I have taken a picture of myself, usually in the summer, but this year has been so unusual that it's already November and I have no picture.  So this morning I decided it was meant to be.  I dug out some of my photography equipment.  Set myself up and due to user error technical difficulties what should have taken 2 hours at the most ended up taking 6.  Everything that could go wrong did; camera battery low (check), light meter screwed up (check), remote misbehaving (oh, yes) and to top it all off I’m supposed to host a dinner party tomorrow night.  You may be wondering, “Is she prepared?”.  NO – not even alittle. 
This is how I felt when my equipment actually worked!


This girl said … “Dinner party tomorrow night? Bring it on!”

This was one of my personal favs... "Pamela's GF Chocolate Cookies? I'll take two"


Danny thought this looked the most "natural". Photography tip - To get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, over expose your image. Did I mention my equipment was not working properly?


Well, I am still deciding which one is the ONE.  Do you think it would be weird to serve peanut butter and jelly at a dinner party?