Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pass the meat please...

Today it happened … I fell off the vegan wagon. To be truthful I didn't necessarily fall off, I jumped off. It all started yesterday when I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned by my beautiful sister (she is a dental hygienist – did I also mention she is beautiful?) Anyway, she told me it looked like I need to have some work done on some of my back teeth. No cavities but there are a few spots that need some attention. She was upbeat and positive, as always. What happened next is what caused me to jump off the vegan wagon.

My dentist came over for the routine post cleaning chat and took a look in my mouth and said...

“What has happened?”

“I don't know? What?” I replied.

“No really, what's changed?”

It was the tone in her voice that was alarming. Now to be fair I have been seeing her regularly for years and we have a good relationship. So, I'm sure she felt comfortable being upfront with me. All my visits have been for cleanings and have end with good reports. So apparently, my oral health is on the downward spiral. My sister was too nice to tell me straight up. I think she loves me too much.

After leaving the office with prescription toothpaste and two future visits scheduled (with an estimated bill of $400) to have some work done I was concerned. I'm more into the preventive approach to healthcare. Like ,what can I do to not have this happen to me again.

For the rest of the day I wondered what's the deal. I don't drink a bunch of soda or suck on hard candy all day. What is going on with my teeth? 

Then this morning I decided to start doing some research on vegan diets and oral health. To my delight I came across a holistic dentist and he had some interesting information regarding vegan diets and oral health and it was after reading his article that I decided to make a change. So I'm back with the meat eaters and loving it! Next on the menu - Sushi.

My favorite meat eater and myself in San Francisco earlier this year.