Friday, August 19, 2011

Veggies On the Sidewalk

Yesterday was my pick up day for my CSA share.  Nothing special about the day, I walked right in turned in my box from last week and turned to leave.  After making it through the front door the bottom of the box gave out and spilled tomatoes, corn, squash and melon all over the sidewalk.  Lovely.

One gentleman came by and said something but kept on walking and I bent down to start picking up all my veggies.  I remember thinking "I don't need your comments I need your help!".  Did I mention some of the tomatoes were cherry tomatoes and they rolled everywhere.

As I put my box back together, an older gentleman quickly came up and started helping. Next a young couple started gathering up all those tomatoes and I was so relieved. When you need help and people pitch in without being asked and have pure motives it's a beautiful thing.

After the young guy placed the veggie box into my truck I thanked him and headed home. I was so upset that the first guy did not stop but kept walking.  I probably spent 10 minutes processing the whole experience.  What is wrong with people? Why didn't he stop?  What a jerk?

Then it hit me ... I was focusing on the wrong thing.  ONE person walked by but THREE people stopped to help me.  Why was I focusing on the negative when the positive was so above and beyond?   Three people stopped what they were doing when they saw I needed help. Why wasn't I celebrating their generosity?  Once I had that revelation I was able to let it go.

It's taken thirty-six years but I think I'm growing up.

This picture always makes me smile.  Nothing like heading to the 
beach with family.