Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Night

One of my favorite times of the week is Sunday night.  Those moments right before bed when everything is ready for Monday and the house is quiet ... I think it's magical.  Something about the prospect of a new week with no mistakes in it.  The hope of good things to come.  If you think about it, life is full of these seemingly mundane moments.  The older I get the more I'm savoring these sweet times we have as a family.  Life is so precarious and I want to enjoy Danny and Avery as much as possible. 

We groomed our dog on Saturday morning (she looks fabulous by the way).  A task that's not at the top of my fun list was one of my favorite memories from the weekend.  The three of us working together for a common goal.  While I do enjoy all our activities as a family, lately what I'm enjoying most are our moments at home.  When we're doing daily things like making dinner, folding clothes or just hanging out. 

Over the last few years, I've cultivated a deep apprecation for routine and daily living that has brought me to a new place.  I've sensed it before in my heart but not been able to articulate it.  I believe I'm at a point of self-acceptance.  This is my life, my family, my portion and I'm satisfied.  No more waiting for this or that to happen, I'm content with where I am.  That's not to say I've stopped growing or challenging myself (I'm still practicing veganism), but there's no more, "if onlys".  The moment is now and I want to be present for every delight. 

This is a pic taken of the top of Avery's art table.  It's currently the wallpaper on my phone.

Tomorrow morning, when you open your eyes, take a few moments and be thankful for this gift called Life.