Saturday, July 23, 2011

Favorite Concealer

Today we're talking makeup.  I've asked Melanie Ladd, one of my best friends, to step up to the podium.  Take it away Mel...

Concealer. The makeup you need the most is the one you’re not wearing.

My mom and I were strolling through my favorite department store, Nordstrom, when a lady from the Bobbi Brown makeup counter literally ran across the store and asked if she could apply some of their product to my face. This falls under the category of “You Know You Look Bad When...,” but I didn’t hesitate. It was free! (Well, not entirely free, as we both walked away with a combined $700 in merchandise.)

At any rate, I didn’t wear concealer then because I’d never found one that went on smoothly. Miss Bobbi Brown solved that problem for me, with her uniquely creamy concoction, applied with a special brush, and its accompanying yellow powder and puff.  Once the makeup gal applied the goods under my eyes, I realized I’d been traipsing through life looking like I’d gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson. Where did those dark circles come from, and why did they appear like magic at age thirty-five?!

I was devoted to Bobbi Brown’s anti-raccoon cream until recently when I tried a product by Sue Devitt (available at Ulta, Macy’s and other fine retailers). This small wonder is the Microquatic Bioluminescence Illuminating Concealer withPhoto-luminescent Microspheres and SPF 20. The concealer is contained inside a pen-sized tube with a brush at the end. You simply twist the bottom of the tube, swipe it on, blend lightly, and wowza! I really love the way it lights my face up and makes my eyes more noticeable- in a good way.

The best part of the story about being ambushed by the Bobbi Brown representative was the fact that I had just told my mother, “We’re getting ready to walk through the makeup area. Would you please put on some lipstick?!”  What’s that saying about people who live in glass houses?

Melanie lives in Lexington with her husband Jason and her two fur children Sarge and Basil.