Thursday, June 2, 2011

Your Heart

Avery is finishing third grade today.  It's hard to believe, she's growing up so quickly. Life is very full these days and I find myself wishing time would slow down.  There are so many moments and milestones to be savored.  This school year has been full of transitions and changes though Avery's main change has been getting glasses.      

Avery in TX for Thanksgiving about a month after getting glasses

Having a child is like having your heart walking around outside of your body.  This is the best way I can describe it to someone that has never had a child.  It's gratifying, terrifying and awe inspiring this journey we call parenting.  I don't think you realize how self centered you really are until your whole world is turned upside down by someone that comes to you in a totally dependent state.

Driving Avery to school this morning I was remembering the year of my life when she came into the world.  Danny and I were as prepared as we could be.  We had both finished our education, bought a house and saved a little money.  I always said I wanted to wait until I was 30 to have a baby but my brother dying (August of 2000) changed my life in such a way that all my "career plans" didn't really matter anymore.

I remember driving up to MI for a family wedding and making the decision (Danny and me) to try to have a baby.  It was about a month later a pregnancy test came up positive and that propelled the both of us in a new direction.

The Albertsons generally produce boys so I had prepared my heart for a little boy. Imagine my surprise when we went to the ultra sound (the day after Sept. 11th) and found out we were having a girl.  I was in total shock for at least two weeks.

My pregnancy was physically difficult.  I was nauseated for about 30 of the 40 weeks. Fortunately, I had stopped working and was able to vomit in the privacy of my own home or take a nap if needed.

On my due date January 29, 2002 I went to my ob appointment and she said, "See you in a week".  What?  I wanted this child out!  I needed my body back, it had been stretched and pulled in seemingly every direction.

I had a good cry and drove straight to the movies, bought popcorn and coke and "ran away" for a couple of hours.

Five days later Danielle Avery Albertson was born weighing 7lbs 8oz on Super Bowl Sunday.  Life hasn't been the same since.

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