Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Traveling Traditions

The way to make an everyday item special is to connect it with a special activity.  One of our traveling traditions is donuts.  We try to buy local but a Dunkin Donuts is usually close by.  

The discussion begins with when the trip will be made, what kind of donuts sound good and who's going to make the trip.  All this conversation builds anticipation for the experience.

On the appointed morning Danny and Avery (my Dad and Avery if we are traveling with my parents) head out to gather the deliciousness.  Avery peruses the case and is allowed to pick two donuts that look tempting, most often sprinkles are involved.  What better way to celebrate vacation!

On another note... does this seem like too much sunscreen?

creative nine year-old + sunscreen = (see above)