Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Room with a View

One of my great pleasures is a room with a view.  I love the silence of sitting and taking is the vastness of a big city.  Day or night, it reminds me of how small I am in this big world.

We are in Las Vegas right now at a conference for Danny's professional organization the AANP.  He gave a presentation today on diagnosing and managing common foot and ankle problems.  So I was on my own for most of the day.

Guess what I did ... sat in our room and looked out our window.

I know, I know but it's all too much for this small town girl.  The people, the lights, the noise - I needed some silence to balance out all the stimulation.

Sitting alone, on the 35th floor, looking out with the gentle hum of the AC.  Now that's what I call relaxing.

This isn't my first time - retreating into silence.  I use this technique often to calm myself and relax.

The first time was the February after William died.  I was traveling in Boston for UK and stayed in a hotel that was on the Charles River (now that I think about it - it may have been at the Westin in Cambridge).  Right after I arrived there, a massive snow storm dumped a couple of feet of snow on the city.  It was magical.  There was a heavy covering of sparkling snow on the water, boats and buildings.  We were snowed in, so I sank into a chair and admired the general splendor of the city while grieving my brother. It was sweet gift that I will always cherish.  

So when I need to relax, I sometimes close my eyes and go back to that hotel room and remember the delicious silence of those moments ... me and my room with a view.