Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm turning into my Dad

This is Avery and Emily with my father on vacation last week. 

Do you ever have those moments of panic when you realize you are slowly turning into a version of your parents?  This is starting to happen to me more and more.

You know - those preferences and habits you once found so irritating or embarrassing are becoming your way of doing things.  Here are a couple of ways I'm turning into my father...

Food that should be served hot, I want it to be hot.  - My father often puts his meals in the microwave before eating to make sure it's hot enough.  Isn't it normal to heat up the creamer before pouring in coffee?

Everything looks better after it has been ironed.  - My father ironed everything, in fact he would offer to iron any of our clothes if we would throw them down the stairs to the laundry room.  The other day I offered to iron one of Avery's t-shirts when we were getting ready to leave.  Can you say a full circle moment?

Lent is the enemy. - I have distinct memories of brushing lent off my Dad's suit jacket on Sunday mornings. He would put it on and I would run the lent brush over it right before we left for church.  I find myself using my brush pretty much everyday.  In fact, yesterday Avery asked where the lent brush was ... she wanted to use it (she's 9).  Can you start fighting lent too early in life?

Sitting in the car on Sunday morning honking the horn.  - There were 6 of us in our family and you can imagine it was a challenge to get to church on time.  With all the microwaving, ironing and lent brushing it was kind of a crazy morning for everyone.  My family is half that size and I find myself many Sunday mornings sitting in the car honking and yelling "Let's go, we're going to be late!"  This is exactly what my father did.  I am being helpful, right?

This weekend is Father's Day and I'm celebrating the gift of a father in my life and the father that Danny is to our daughter.  What a gift!

BTW - If you see me at church and I reek of Polo cologne, I'm begging you please sit me down and have a word with me.   Some things are best left to the master and not to be repeated by the junior.