Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer is almost here...

This year we are participating in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program with Elmwood Stock Farm in Georgetown, KY.  This is how it works, in March I purchased a share of this year's crop.  They then take the money from all the shares sold and buy seeds and hire help to work the family farm.  When the warm weather starts the produce begins to ripen and every week you pick-up your share of the harvest. There are a couple pick-up spots in Lexington, but I chose to pick-up at the Liqour Barn in Beaumont on Thursdays.

Over the last few years my perspective on food and consumerism has really changed.  In the area of food I've pretty much stopped eating any processed foods.  That means I want to eat food in it's most natural state and without preservatives (the shorter the ingredient list on the package, the better).  Regarding consumerism,  I really want to spend my money locally (as much as possible).  So over time I've changed my buying habits to support these new convictions.  I buy milk and eggs at Whole Foods or the Good Foods Co-Op because they have local (KY) vendors.  When I heard about the CSA I thought it would be a great fit for me and my family.

Last Thursday, I went for my first box pick-up.  My family is not big on vegetables so I figure I'll pretty much be the only one enjoying the share, I bought the smallest portion. Maybe over time they will warm up to the idea of fresh vegetables ... a girl can hope.

When I got the box I was so excited, like a kid at Christmas.  I opened the lid and saw the gorgeous strawberries right away.  Holy Cow they tasted so sweet and delicious.  I pulled everything out and snapped a pic.

The box contained asparagus, garlic greens, spinach, (fresh) thyme, 
(fresh) oregano, strawberries and radishes.  

Nothing can stir this salad lovers heart like some fresh spinach.  I pulled out a plate and piled up the spinach, sprinkled on some dressing and added the strawberries.

Oh my ~ yum!  A perfect marriage of my goals, eating fresh and supporting a local business.  I'm looking forward to what will be in my box next week.