Monday, May 23, 2011

Protect Your Lips

The weather is getting warmer and we are starting to spend more time outside.  It's time to pack your pool bag with books, a big hat and sunscreen.  We love books at our house.  I usually have a stack of books on my kitchen counter I want to read through.  There's nothing better than spending a few hours browsing/reading books.  On our trips to the library, we each gather up an arm load of books that look interesting.

My current stack of books
Last year, I read a really interesting book on skincare by a dermatologist.  This book ended up being one of my favorites.   I learned ALOT but, what I was most challenged by was the section where she talked about wearing a lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen.

I do make wearing sunscreen a priority, but on my lips?  This was something I had never considered.

So began the search for lipwear that contained sunscreen.  To my surprise there weren't many choices.  I started by looking at the lipsticks and glosses.  The make-up labels that had sunscreen in them were the higher priced ones and I didn't want to start over with my lipwear collection.  I needed to figure out  how I was going to work around this.

Off I go to Meijer's to start searching in the lip balm aisle.  At that time there were two lip balms to choose from,  one was cherry  (which I despise) and the other was neutral in flavor.

I took it home,  put it on and loved it!  It's made by Blistex (follow the link for the exact description).  It glides on easily, smells and tastes great and it's gluten free. This is where I start everyday and continue throughout the day, slathering this stuff on.  Then I apply my lip gloss or lipstick over it.

 Perfect - an instant layer of sunscreen.  Next time you are headed out don't forget to protect your lips.

Note : I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and looked again for some lip balms with sunscreen and found a much larger selection.  Last year I may have been a little early on the sunscreen trend.  So try some different ones out and see what will work best for you.