Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NYX - 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette

One of my favorite things to experiment with is make up.  All the colors, finishes and brushes can make your head spin at times.  It can also get very expensive so I'm always trying to find less expensive alternatives.  When I find a brand I like I usually stay within the brand and figure out which of their products I like best.  I'm a big fan of the NYX lip glosses.  It's my gloss of choice these days.  I talk more about it here.

The other day I was at Ulta (shopping with my coupon) and saw that the NYX products were buy one get one half off.  Well, that combined with my coupon helped me get a lip gloss and a shadow palette for about $7.50.  Yes!  Talk about a sweet deal.  The gloss alone is usually about $5.50 so I was pretty excited.

 Caviar and Bubbles 

I took my goodies home and hoped I would like the shadow (I bought the color palette pictured above) as much as the gloss.  The palette has a mix of matte and shimmer  and a variety of shades so you could start your look lighter during the day and make it darker for the evening.  You should know, I do use a MAC paint pot (in painterly) as an eye primer which is an investment but worth every penny.  I've been searching and have yet to find a drugstore eye primer that work as well as the MAC ones do.  If you have a drugstore favorite leave it in the comments section.  I would love to try it.

The following week I put it to the test.  I wore it everyday to the gym to see how it would wear.  This would tell me if this shadow was going to work for me.  To my surprise the shadow did well, even after some serious cardio action.  I did need a touch up late in the day but that is the norm.  My one criticism is that the shimmer finishes are not as finely ground as I would like.  They seemed to have a glitter effect and at my age that is not the look I'm going for.  Overall, it was pretty impressive for an $11 shadow palette.  If you want to try out some new colors this would be a great way to do it.  I highly recommend their palettes.

Photos - compliments of the NYX website