Saturday, April 23, 2011

NYX - Lip Gloss

Two of my current favs ... top - 153 Crystal Soda / bottom - 122 Natural
Anything with gold or brown undertones are flattering for my skin tone.  You may want to experiment to see what colors you favor.

Have you ever been in a buying phase.  I did this once with peanut butter.  For some reason I got it in my head that we needed peanut butter, so every time I was at the grocery I bought peanut butter.  The result ... an abundance of peanut butter in my pantry (which is crazy because I don't eat peanuts).

There have been other items since but recently I've gotten into a lip gloss buying phase. Maybe it was the cold, dry weather this last winter that got me going but, I started picking up lip glosses here and there.  I think I have a tube of almost every brand available and I know I have a drawer full of glosses.  Though I have had to make myself stop buying gloss, I did learn a few things to look for when you are picking out a gloss.

Priority number one for lip gloss is pigment.  This is usually where the problem lies in less expensive products.  They look good in the tube but once you wear them in about five minutes all the color is gone from your lips.  Fortunately, the beauty industry is very competitive so the less expensive brands are stepping up and offering more strongly pigmented glosses.  Next is the sticky factor, nothing is more repulsive than having sticky lips.  You would be surprised at how many brands have this problem.  Finally, the packaging should be easy to use and look nice.  I prefer using a wand to apply instead of a brush.  I think it is much easier to put on gloss if the applicator is ready to go when you are instead of pulling out a brush.

My favorite drugstore line I've been using lately is NYX.  It's sold at Ulta and you can use your coupon to save a few bucks.  They have lots of beautiful, well pigmented colors to choose from.  I've been buying more spring and summer shades but I do tend to stay neutral in lip color.  I think that's one of the biggest mistakes older women make, wearing lipstick or gloss that is too dark or strong in color.  Wearing dark colors makes your lips look smaller and you older, so next time your are out pick up some gloss, lean toward a lighter / neutral shade.  This makes it more versatile for layering with lipstick.  I can't tell you how many time I've put on a lipstick that was too dark and used a gloss to lighten the color.

So go out there and pick up some lip gloss!  You may be surprised how the right shade can really brighten up your look.

Note - These glosses may contain gluten.  If this is an issue for you be sure to do your research before using.