Saturday, April 2, 2011


This is one of my favorite pictures from last year.  We went to visit some of our best friends for Thanksgiving in Texas.

Things don't often turn out the way you plan in Life.  At least for me, my Life has turned out radically different than what I had imagined all those years ago when I was living in my parent's home. Being of the independent state of mind, I had BIG plans.  One thing I planned to do is live abroad for a few years and teach English.  I love language and culture and hoped to soak up as much as I possibly could early in life.  I graduated college with a French degree.  Truth is French is a subject in which I don't think I had any natural ability.  Though I did love it, and would relish an opportunity to study it again because after 12 years most all of it is gone out; replaced with errands to run, obligations to fulfill and clutter to be picked up.   

Another "plan" I had for myself was to have a career of some sort.  I love small business and aspired to start one and be wildly successful.  I come from modest means and so (to me) money meant choices and I love to have a choice.  That, I believe is the ultimate luxury.   

When I reflect on my Life I look back and laugh because it has turned out exceedingly better than I planned.  The whole living abroad thing didn't exactly workout, though I did spend a summer studying in France.  That has been one of my most cherished experiences and I hope to take my family there again some day.  The small business , well ... we started it 9 years ago and thankfully it has done well.  Though I'm not there everyday, I am a big part of the over all decision making and bookkeeping.  Not exactly the role that I had imagined but it allows me to spend the time at home taking care of the details that make life less stressful for everyone.  

So, be encouraged that Life is full of twists and turns (some more difficult to navigate than others) and though things don't work out exactly as you planned  ~ that leaves the door open for things to be even better.